Welcome to John Lowery Music

Welcome to John Lowery Music

Welcome to John Lowery MusicWelcome to John Lowery MusicWelcome to John Lowery Music

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About John


John's Story

John Lowery started his career as a singer-songwriter in Portland, Oregon back in the mid-nineties with his first band Hatful of Rain which he formed with Dramarama guitarist Mark Englert.  At one time their drummer was Courtney Taylor-Taylor from The Dandy Warhols.  His first album with Hatful of Rain got national distribution and radio play and received stellar reviews.  Since 2000 John has released all solo albums - Fancy Car, I'm Going Home, and most recently Epiphany which is available for sale on I-Tunes .   John has played with some pretty big players over the years including Jeff Linsky (Jazz Virtuoso), John Smith (Grammy Award Producer from Nu Shooz), and Tony Snow (Drummer from Dramarama) to name a few.  He currently resides in Oceanside, CA and continues to play shows as a solo artist in his own backyard in San Diego, LA, and Orange County frequently.


John's Influences

Johns music blends rock, acoustic melodies, and electric guitar to create a unique sound. His lyrics are personal and inspired by his own real life experiences. His musical influences are Tom Petty, REM, U2, The Eagles, and Dramarama.

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